CWFAC was created to deal with warm water fish issues in Washington State. The pioneers of the CWFAC were Rod Meseberg (1927-1999) of MarDon Resort on Potholes Reservoir and Ron Sawyer of Cascade Marina in Moses Lake and Pasco.

Years ago we realized the need for habitat on Potholes Reservoir. After visiting the successful habitat project (now in its 19th year) on Lake Havasu the answer became quite clear...for Potholes Reservoir to begin modeling its own habitat project currently in use on Lake Havasu! On June 10, 2005, upon receiving legal permits, construction and deployment began on Potholes Reservoir’s first habitat!

Our Potholes Reservoir habitat plans are to build boxes to provide the necessary sanctuary for first and second year fish a place to live and grow. Each 4’ x 4’ x 8’ habitat box is like an under water treetop that will last many years. As we create the vast reefs of habitat boxes we will witness areas with high densities of fish and will experience improved warm water fishing along with a positive economic impact for Central Washington State. view video

The Central Washington Fish Advisory Committee (CWFAC) is a 501-C3 non- profit organization. Our Federal ID#091-1648008. State ID#601-547-710